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Painting Competition Infinity English Forum

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09 sep 2009 17:51

Résidence: Sydney
Occupations: Sculptor and Coffee Expert
The competition is not official and is run by the members of the forum, but there are prizes for the winners in addition to everlasting glory ;)

I hope I see some participation from this forum because I have seen many great painters and Infinity figures here (I look at YOU Pandera hehe).

- Lien -

Prize support:
1st place: Any single Infinity item of your choice or three blister packs!
2nd: Any two Infinity blisters packs of your choice or a single box item less than $40 USD. (I.e. REMs, Mirage 5, Anitpodes, Auxilla)
3rd: Any single blister pack of your choice.
BEST BASE WORK: 10 pound credit from Antenociti's Workshop in scenery.
Best Attempt: Any single download from Miniature Mentor or a Winsor&Newton Series 7 brush.

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- Lien -
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09 sep 2009 18:44

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Résidence: Quimper (29)
Cool! :bannane:
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10 sep 2009 13:48

Résidence: Mérignac
Occupations: webmaster - créateur de jeu en gestation
It's a good idea... thanks for sharing
Etre un boulet, c'est vraiment un boulot à plein temps...
In Goupil We Trust
Galerie CMON
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Site Internet
10 sep 2009 14:28

So I gonna post my last miniature as soon as I finish it ^^
Infinity must conquer the whole world :bannane:

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10 sep 2009 21:29

Admin deleted
Résidence: Quimper (29)
@ Solof : is this Yuan Yuan yours?
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10 sep 2009 22:54

@ pandera yes it's mine ^^
But I cannot participate with it cause it already been judged at Blagnac, I'm out of rules ...
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